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Welcome to the Engineering Division home page. The division provides technical engineering and design expertise in support of all Alaska District programs to include Civil Works, Operation and Maintenance, Military, Defense Environmental Restoration Program-Formerly Used Defense Sites, Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program, Planning Assistance to States, Interagency and International Services, combatant commander and U. S. Agency for International Development programs in  Asia, and foreign military sales infrastructure support.

The division consists of four branches: environmental engineering, design, geotechnical engineering services and cost engineering. The Cold Regions Directory of Expertise and the value engineering officer are also located in Engineering Division.

For information about the different division offices, please see the descriptions below and related links. We hope you find the related links provided below informative and useful.

Cold Regions Directory of Expertise

The Cold Regions Directory of Expertise (CRDX) is an organizational element of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The CRDX is a joint venture of the Alaska District in Anchorage and the Engineer Research and Development Center’s Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) in Hanover, N.H., with offices located in Anchorage and Fairbanks. In support of the broad mission of USACE, the CRDX functions as a partnership to effectively integrate the unique research and development expertise of CRREL and the strong practical technical knowledge and experience of the Alaska District to accomplish applied research, engineering, construction and operations in the cold regions of the world. Potential CRDX partners and customers include other Corps districts, Department of Defense agencies, other federal agencies, state agencies, tribes, industry, academia, local government, non-government organizations and the international community.

Value Engineering/Value-Based Charrette Program

Acknowledging that a key to successful projects is stakeholder buy-in, the Alaska District embraces decision-making processes that promote stakeholder participation during problem definition and solution phases of a project. The Value Engineering Program provides and promotes technologies and forums to ensure quality is built into the project at the beginning and the "best value" is ensured during project execution.

Value engineering is embedded as an integral part of the total project management and delivery process. It is embedded from the initiation of a project and continues throughout the life of a project. At the Alaska District, most projects commence with a value engineering study. This is typically accomplished through a value-based design charrette. The charrette is a structured workshop that brings together the designers and stakeholders to improve the functionality and cost-effectiveness while meeting the scope, cost and schedule limitations. The charrettes provide an opportunity to better define the customer’s functional requirements through the team approach. The charrette process is based on the value engineering methodology to include information, speculation, analysis, development and presentation.

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Value Engineering Officer
Fax 907-753-5701

Technical Engineering

Design Branch 

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Provides expertise in: Mechanical: Heating Venting Air Conditioning system design and control systems for all type of facilities; petroleum, oils and lubricants design for bulk storage and fuel dispensing system including aircraft refueling systems, steam and glycol utility distribution systems, steam and diesel fuel powerplant generation, compressed air system, lubrication systems, waste oil collection systems, all types of plumbing systems, all types of fire protection systems such as wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge sprinkler system as well as high expansion foam and Aqueous Film Forming Foam system. Electrical: All interior electrical including power, communications, multimedia, fire alarm, security and telephone wiring. All exterior electrical distribution including transform stations, substation, overhead and underground power distribution, communications and alarm wiring. Other electrical systems include steam and diesel fueled power generation plants.

Structures and Architecture

  • Provide required structural engineering and architectural design expertise for the development of new and rehabilitated military facilities in Alaska.

Civil and Sanitary Section

  • Prepares designs requests for proposal and studies, and reviews as the civil/sanitary discipline for such items as water treatment and supply, wastewater treatment, sewage collection and disposal, landfill design, paving and drainage, airfield layout, taxiway patterns, runways, taxiways, hardstands, culverts, bridges, utilidors, storm drainage systems, roadways, railroads, railroad crossings, petroleum, oil, lubricants systems, snow bridges and roads, erosion protection, slope stability, stockpile and remediation of contaminated soils, and force protection measures.

Geotechnical and Engineering Services

Engineering Service

Provides multidisciplined engineering and technical services to project teams throughout the district, covering the gamut of value engineering, geotechnical investigations and engineering, cost engineering, specifications, electronic systems, and support for the development and management of architect-engineer contracts.

Technical Integration

Provide Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Building Information Modeling (BIM), Information Technology (IT), Architect-Engineering (A-E) contract, and A-E Responsibility Management services to the district.

Provide CADD/BIM manager functions, electronic document printing and archiving for project deliverables, and prepare GIS work products including databases and map products. Review electronic deliverables for CADD, GIS and BIM compliance with district standards and customer needs, and is a technical resource to evaluate CADD, GIS and BIM software and hardware. Services include proposing, designing, reviewing, and testing electronic systems to meet the needs of customers.

Provide IT ACE-IT liaison functions, and IT support functions to the Engineering Division.

Coordinates, supports, and manages the selection process for A-E contracts. Assist in preparing the solicitation in accordance with current regulations and Alaska District policies. Establishes the A-E selection board, and prepares all internal and external documentation with A-E firms. Processes A-E requests for payment, coordinates performance evaluations, and provides the district focal point and alternate focal point functions for the A-E contract administration support system.

Provide the A-E responsibility coordinator function for the A-E responsibility management program.

Cost Engineering Section

Provide estimating and cost modeling services for the Alaska District.

Electronic Services

Provide AutoCAD, GIS and mapping support for military and civilian projects, as well as hardware and software support for a wide array of engineering-specific applications.

Materials Section

Provides expertise in hazardous toxic and radioactive waste site investigations and chemical testing; multiple industrial hygiene issues, including asbestos and lead; airfield pavement designs; and all aspects of concrete and asphalt.

Soils and Geology

Provide Geotechnical Engineering support for all Alaska District projects. Perform site investigations supporting the military and civil works programs resulting in accurate and detailed geotechnical analysis and reporting.


Ensure that plans and specifications are biddable, constructible, operable and environmentally compliant in accordance with federal and Army regulations.

Survey Section

Generate accurate land survey data using state of the art surveying tools for Alaska District projects.

Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic survey data for most of the Alaska District's river and harbor projects is available on this file directory. AutoCAD drawing files, various image files, and COGO point files are retained here for your use. If you have requests for additional data, please contact the Hydrographic Survey Manager at the Alaska District by calling 907-753-2757. Project maps, descriptions, and photos are available here.

To download any file right click on the file name and pick "save target as". If you need software to view AutoCAD files try Volo View, free from AutoDesk®.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting Support Documents

Here you will find information to support the use of CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) in producing contract documents for the Alaska U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Alaska District and the U.S. Army Alaska.


  • The Alaska District has adopted the A/E/C CAD Standards Release 4 and the U.S. National CAD Standard Version 4. The latest approved version of these standards as well as various other supporting tools can be obtained at the CAD*BIM Technology Center. When last visited, the A/E/C CAD Standard Release 4.0 was available from the following page As a convenience, get Release 4 in PDF format .
  • The Alaska District CADD guidelines contain supplemental guidelines implemented by the Alaska District. Also, Contract Section J ,Alaska District CAD Guidelines, may apply in certain contracts.


  • New Borders
    • Here you will find the new COE borders in AutoCAD 2004 format. These borders are redesigned to fit on A1 and ANSI D sized paper (i.e. a to-scale half size fits on 11x17 paper).
  • Old Borders
    • The old COE A1 size AutoCAD 14 format. These borders are now considered obsolete for new jobs.


  • Tri-Service Full Size Color Table
    This file provides the color to lineweight mapping (for full size plotting in black and white) as dictated by the Tri-service CAD Standards.
  • Alaska District .CTBs (Full Size Color Tables)
    This file provides the color to lineweight mapping (for full size plotting in black and white) as discussed in the Alaska District Guidelines, and in general usage at the Alaska District.
  • Alaska District .CTBs (Half Size Color Tables)
    This file provides the color to lineweight mapping (for half size plotting in black and white) as discussed in the Alaska District Guidelines, and in general usage at the Alaska District.

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