Public Notice Manager

POA-2012-931, Lucille Creek

Published Aug. 23, 2013
Expiration date: 9/23/2013
City of Wasilla’s stated purpose is to “provide a connection between the two major travel corridors, access to adjacent residential collectors, traffic relief to the downtown Main Street area in Wasilla, and provide crash-reduction benefits due to reduced volumes on the Parks Highway and Knik Goose Bay Road (KGB)”. The project would construct a 1.5 mile long, two-lane 32-feet wide paved road with a 19-feet & 10-inch by 7-feet & 8-inch aluminum arch culvert crossing Lucile Creek and an 8-feet wide paved pathway. The project would extend South Mack Drive 1.5 miles from the Curtis D. Menard Sports Center to the Knik Goose Bay Road. The project would permanently impact and involve the placement of 12,906 cubic yards of fill materials into a total of 0.94-acre of waters of the U.S., including wetlands, over the entire length of the project.  The project would temporarily disturb 0.56-acre of waters of the U.S. over a 15-feet wide by 508-feet long (total distance over the three areas being filled under our jurisdiction) work zone in areas adjacent to permanent wetland fill areas.

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