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POA-1999-67, Wallick Creek

Published March 8, 2016
Expiration date: 4/6/2016

Taiga Mining Company, Inc.'s stated purpose is to extract placer gold from stream gravel deposits. To conduct a placer mining operation, consisting of mechanical land clearing, temporary stockpile, and replacement of 125,000 cubic yards of vegetation and organic soil, and 250,000 cubic yards of overburden into 63 acres of waters of the U.S. A 9,500 linear foot stream diversion of Wallick Creek will be constructed. All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheets 1-6), dated 29 February 2016. Please contact Leslie W. Tose at (907) 753-5515, toll free from within Alaska at (800) 478-2712, by fax at (907) 753-5567, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-1999-67 Wallick Creek_PN

POA-1999-67, Wallick Creek_PN Plans

POA-1999-67, Wallick Creek_PN Application

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