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Phone: (907) 753-2712

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The Alaska District Regulatory Division is divided into two Branches: North Branch and South Branch.

The North Branch has two Sections, the North Section which primarily handles all projects north of the Alaska Range not accessible by road, and the North Slope projects, and the North Central Section which handles projects around the Fairbanks Area as well as all road projects along the Dalton Highway to Dead Horse, AK.

The South Branch has two Sections, the South Section which handles projects within the Anchorage bowl and the Mat/Su area, and the South East Section which generally handles south eastern Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula and the Aleutian Chain. Please see map.


Main Phone: (907) 753-2712
Toll Free in Alaska: (800) 478-2712

Division Chief Longan, Sara (907) 753-2712
Deputy Division Chief Salyer, Mike (907) 753-2712
Administrative Assistant Schoelen, Amie (907) 753-2607

North Branch

North Branch Chief Post, Janet (907) 753-5552
North Section Chief Atkins, Allen (907) 753-2777
IT Support Brody, Matt (907) 201-5023
North Section Germann, Quinn (907) 753-2773
North Section Hancock, Kerri (907) 753-2719
North Section Hegna, Jonathan (907) 753-2708
North Section Marye, Tyler (907) 753-5778
North Section Moore, Stephen A. (907) 753-5713
North Section Farmer, Carolyn (907) 753-5634
North Section Tresca, Juliana (907) 753-2582
North Central Section Chief Lyons, Ellen (907) 347-3481
North Central Section Jacobson, Gwen (907) 347-5802
North Central Section Locken, Amanda (907) 347-6148
North Central Section Manbeck, Becky (907) 251-6716
North Central Section Mazer, Greg (907) 347-9059
North Central Section Gale, Laurel (907) 347-6496
North Central Section Sargent, John (907) 347-1801

South Branch

South Branch Chief Markway, Heather (907) 753-2797
South Section Chief Vullo, Emily (907) 753-2704
Admin Johnson, Sara (907) 753-5721
South Section Barrett, Leah (907) 753-2760
South Section Campellone, Estrella (907) 753-2518
South Section Farrer, Hayley (907) 753-2778
South Section Gregory, Andrew (907) 753-2791
South Section Ortiz, Olivia (907) 753-2586
South Section White, Eric (907) 753-5693
Southeast Section Chief Vigil, Randy (907) 201-5022
Southeast Section Wilks, Delana (907) 201-5021
Southeast Section Baggett, Nick (907) 753-2722
Southeast Section Gallagher, Connor (907) 753-2722
Southeast Section Lara, Kirsten (907) 753-2673


Guam Field Office Brewer, Jason (671) 339-2108
Honolulu Field Office Martin, Jen (907) 753-2673

Mailing Addresses

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
Regulatory Division, CEPOA-RD
P.O. Box 6898, 2204 3rd St.
JBER, AK 99506-0898
USACE North Central Section
1046 Marks Rd
Fort Wainright, AK 99703
USACE Southeast Section, Juneau Office
P.O. Box 22270
Juneau, AK 99802-9998
USACE Guam Field Office
Apra Harbor Naval Complex
PSC 455 Box 188
FPO, AP 96540-1088 Guam
USACE Southeast Section, Kenai Office
44663 Sterling Hwy., Ste. B
Soldatna, AK 99669-7915
USACE Honolulu District
Building 252
Fort Shafter, HI 96858-5440