Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Office tells the Corps story in Alaska by providing accurate and timely information to internal and external audiences through the execution of a fully integrated public affairs program focused on media relations, community relations and command information activities. These efforts build awareness and generate support for the Alaska District by informing and educating the media, public, work force and other key stakeholders about the organization’s mission, programs, projects and people.

Media Relations

Whenever you see a deep-dive military story on national television or news, a PAO probably facilitated that project. PAOs help the public understand the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by enabling engagements between local, national and international media outlets and members of the district. This mission includes escorting media through projects, creating news and information products that inform the public on USACE activities and much more.

Community Relations

PAOs value the relationship between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and communities and take careful measures to create productive engagements with them. PAOs strengthen relations with the public and enhance community support by informing partners, customers and stakeholders about the Alaska District's mission, programs, projects and people. They value communication as continual dialogue and interaction with all stakeholders and are experts at delivering the right messages to the right audiences using the right methods. PAOs fulfill the commander’s requirement to inform the American people and all stakeholders of Army activities and initiatives.

Command Information

Known as corporate communication outside the military, command information represents all official internal communication efforts created by the Public Affairs Office. This includes communications with the command, Soldiers, subordinate leaders and the Families that make up the organization.  Command information uses all communication tools available ranging from social media and multimedia products to newsletters and command speeches.

Public Affairs Office

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