Civil Works Program–Project Management and Planning

Welcome to the Civil Project Management Branch of the Alaska District. The branch manages all aspects of the Corps of Engineers civil works program that are funded under the investigations and construction general appropriations. As needed, we also provide management assistance to the other aspects of the civil works program--Operations and Maintenance, Emergency Management and Regulatory functions. The branch consists of three sections: Program Development, Project Management and Planning.

The Program Development Section is responsible for the preparation and defense of the annual request for appropriations (president’s budget) and the management of the funds received from Congress as part of the annual appropriations acts. They assist the project management teams and the project managers in the daily obligation and expenditure of project funds, both from federal and local sponsor sources. Finally, they are responsible for the management of the various databases and preparation of reports of various kinds to include the annual report to Congress on the activities of the district.

The Project Management Section manages all assigned projects from “cradle to grave.” Project managers are assigned to all studies and projects when they are initiated and the project manager stays with the study or project until it is physically completed and turned over to the Corps’ Operations and Readiness Branch or the local sponsor for future operations and maintenance. All of the project managers involved in the development of studies, such as reconnaissance, feasibility, planning assistance to states, and projects involving preconstruction, engineering, and design and construction, are either individually assigned to or are informally overseen by this branch.

The Planning Section conducts the actual reconnaissance and feasibility level studies on potential water resource projects in Alaska. These studies, usually requested by a community in Alaska, analyze and solve water resource issues of concern to the local communities. These issues may involve navigational improvements, flood risk management, riverbank or coastal shoreline protection, or ecosystem restoration. The studies may result in the preparation of a reconnaissance or feasibility report, technical report or other type of planning document. The section also conducts economic analyses to determine the economic viability of a potential water resources project.

The branch offers expertise in civil engineering, planning, programming, project management, economics and budgeting.