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MEMORANDUM FOR our Industry Partners

Continued Performance of Alaska District Contracts

Alaska District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published April 1, 2020

1. The continuously evolving efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19 infections have led the Federal and State governments to declare states of emergency and to implement restrictions on personal movement and the closure of some businesses. Regardless, the U.S. government considers the majority of the contracts being executed by the Alaska District to be mission essential and as such must have continued contract performance to the maximum extent possible. If your contract has not been designated as mission essential or is being impacted as a result of actions beyond our control, we will advise you and take coordinated action to minimize impacts.

2. As we execute in this dynamic environment, you must take appropriate action to protect the health of your and your subcontractors' employees as well as the people near your place of performance. This is particularly true if the performance of your contract is on a DoD installation, as failure to do so might result in an installation wide closure. Further, keeping your Contracting Officer Representative (COR), Administrative Contracting OFFICER (ACO) and Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO), as appropriate, informed of your company's actions to perform under your contract, as well as any actions required to comply with state or local declarations and directives, and the actions required to comply with state or local declarations and directives, and the potential impacts this dual compliance may have on your operations. I ask for your transparent communications so that we can continue to deliver as partners to the State and Nation.

3. Lastly, I ask that you pass along any relevant information received from your subcontractors. Performance delays, material shortages, or other impacts that may arise due to subcontractors' efforts to comply with state declarations and directives should be communicated to the COR, ACO and/or PCO as soon as possible.

4. The point of contact for this letter is undersigned. I can be reached at (907) 753-2543 or via email at


Christopher A. Tew
Chief of Contracting