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Published March 1, 2017
Expiration date: 4/1/2017

BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. (BPXA), stated purpose is to perform erosion control activities and necessary maintenance on the existing WDC in order to maintain the facility in a safe and operable condition as originally authorized under USACE permits. The project is located at the existing West Dock Causeway, Latitude 70.38702, Longitude - 148.51575, Umiat Meridian, T12N, R14E, S11,14, and 23, in the Prudhoe Bay unit west of Deadhorse, Alaska. The proposed work is to include:

• Replenishing the beaches on the South, Middle and North Legs of WDC within the original

footprint of WDC;

• Retrieving and replacing damaged gravel bags and installing new ones, as needed, within the original permitted footprint of WDC, along with repairing and replacing the filter fabric beneath the gravel bags as necessary;

• Installing a new gravel bag revetment to protect the south flank of Dockhead 2, based on future monitoring. This activity will impact 0.1 or fewer new acres of Waters of the US;

• Extending the revetment on the south side of DH3 to the Crowley facilities if warranted by erosion (within the previously permitted footprint in POA-1974-221 dated August 7, 2012);

• Placing fill (either dredged material or pit run gravel) on the seafloor adjacent to DH2 to fill scour holes (previously permitted in POA-1974-221-M15). During any given repair, this activity will impact no more than 0.75 acres of Waters of the US within the 3 acre permitted zone.

• Repairing and possibly relocating the six groins on the North Leg, including replacing damaged gravel bags and concrete elements, resetting existing concrete elements that have subsided or been displaced, and, if the ability to trap sediment can be improved, relocating any of the groins composed of concrete elements to alternate locations on the North Leg. This activity will not impact any additional area of Waters of the US.

• Replacing the anode system at the STP approximately every 5 years (permitted in NN19790293/ Z-1974-0221).

Please contact Mr. Steve Moore by e-mail message at, direct telephone line at 907-753-5713, toll free from within Alaska at 800-478-2712, or by fax at 907-753-5567 if you have questions or need further information concerning this public notice.

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