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POA-2011-72-M1, Yukon River

Published Sept. 11, 2013
Expiration date: 10/11/2013

Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities' stated purpose is to access and excavate sand and gravel materials from the Yukon River for use in constructing the Galena-Campion road reconstruction project which was previously permitted by the USACE in 2012.  Conduct work in navigable waters of the US involving work and the discharge of dredged material into waters of the US to mine an existing material site, identified as Alaska Department of Natural Resources site MS 202-014-2. The work would be completed when the riverbed is dewatered from low seasonal water levels. Material would be pushed with equipment into wind-rows, loaded into trucks, and hauled from the riverbed to an upland stockpile location.  Please contact Mr. Harry A. Baij Jr. by e-mail message at, by calling 907-753-2784, or toll free from within Alaska at 800-478-2712 for assistance regarding this public notice.


 POA-2011-72-M1, Yukon River_PN

 POA-2011-72-M1, Yukon River_PN Drawings

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