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POA-1994-1014, Orca Inlet

Published Nov. 15, 2013
Expiration date: 12/16/2013

The Native Village of Eyak’s stated purpose is to construct an Oil Spill Response (OSR) Facility at Shepard Point to enhance current OSR capabilities, near Cordova, Alaska. The facility would be able to receive oil spill equipment from any location through a transportation sequence of either air ‐to‐ground‐to‐response–vessel or cargo–vessel ‐to‐response– vessel sequence. The facility would also accommodate existing and foreseeable future oil spill response and cargo vessels with deeper drafts than the current capabilities of existing facilities in the area and provide an adequate staging area contiguous to the proposed dock.  Please contact Steve Lindamood at (907) 753-2796, toll free from within Alaska at (800) 478-2712, by fax at (907) 279-0064, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice. 

POA-1994-1014, Orca Inlet_PN

POA-1994-1014, Orca Inlet_PN Drawings

POA-1994-1014, Orca Inlet_PN_Appendix A-1

POA-1994-1014, Orca Inlet_PN_Appendix A-2

POA-1994-1014, Orca Inlet_PN_Appendix B


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