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POA-2007-870, Near Island Channel

Published Jan. 28, 2015
Expiration date: 2/27/2015

Trident Seafoods Corporation's stated purpose is to perform dredging operations at the Trident Seafoods dock in Kodiak to accommodate safe vessel movements along the existing dock face.  Trident Seafoods Corporation would dredge 1,350 cubic yards of material (primarily bedrock) from an area 25-ft in width by 225-ft in length to an average depth of 5-ft, located immediately in front of the existing dock. Work would be completed over a five-day period, utilizing a low-impact hydraulic Xentric Ripping head on a LS 800 barge-mounted excavator. Dredge material would be excavated and placed on a split hull dump barge or flat deck barge, and would dewater naturally in-transit to the dredge disposal site, located in St. Herman Bay, approximately 1-mile from the project area (see enclosure). The material barge would be pushed by a tugboat en-route to the dredge disposal site; upon arrival at the dredge disposal site, material would either be dumped (if using the split hull dump barge) or mechanically removed with clamshell excavator (if using the flat deck barge).  Please contact Michael Setering at (907) 252-3770, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

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