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POA-1982-598-M20, Captains Bay

Published March 11, 2015
Expiration date: 4/9/2015

Offshore Systems, Inc. (OSI) proposes to discharge 38,800 cubic yards (cy) of gravel/cobble fill and 5,800 cy of armor rock would be discharged into 2.70 acres of waters of the U.S., below the high tide line (HTL, approximate elevation +4.7 foot above 0.0 foot elevation) and mean high water mark (MHWM, approximate elevation +3.4 foot above 0.0 foot elevation) of Captains Bay, a navigable water of the U.S., to expand an existing dock to serve as a high load capacity area for the offloading of barges and material handling/staging. Offshore Systems, Inc. (OSI) stated purpose is to ensure the safety and efficiency of crucial marine freight services at the OSI dock in Captains Bay by increasing the dock area.  Please contact Jen Martin at (907) 753-2689 or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-1982-598-M20 Captain Bay_PN

POA-1982-598-M20, Captains Bay, permit drawings

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