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POA-1966-51-M2, Kustatan River

Published April 9, 2015
Expiration date: 4/23/2015

Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company (CIPL), owned by Harvest Alaska, LLC (Harvest) proposes to modify permit number POA-1966-51-M1 to allow for 6 additional months to complete removal and reclamation of a 1.2 acre temporary fill pad. CIPL, owned by Harvest Alaska, LLC (Harvest) discharged up to 8,000 cubic yards (cy) of clean gravel into 1.2 acres of jurisdictional wetlands for the purpose of constructing a 1.2 acre temporary gravel pad which supported a work area for the HDD rig and all associated equipment. The gravel pad was constructed of geotextile material and gravel, on top of the existing vegetation.  Construction of the pad was completed.  Reclamation of the gravel pad site was scheduled for March 2015. The applicant proposes to complete reclamation by the end of September 2015. CIPL’s stated purpose is to replace a section of a buried 20-inch crude pipeline using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) methods. Please contact Katherine A. McCafferty at (907) 753-2692, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-1966-51-M2 Kustatan River PN

POA-1966-51-M2 Kustatan River PN Drawings

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