Public Notice Manager

POA-2015-277, Tanana River

Published July 31, 2015
Expiration date: 8/15/2015

The applicant, Mr. Peter Nagel, Alyeska Pipeline Service Companys' stated purpose is to is to install a new heat source for

the pipeline.

PROPOSED WORK:  Discharge of fill material in 0.68 acre of wetlands to construct a workpad used for a new heat source

facility for the pipeline.   All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan, (sheets 1-3), dated 06-15-15,

4-28-15, and 5-6-15.

Comments on the described work, with the reference number, should reach this office no later than the expiration date of     

this Public Notice to become part of the record and be considered in the decision.  Please contact John Sargent at        

(907) 474-2166, by fax at (907) 474-2166, or by email at, if further information is         

desired concerning this notice.
POA-2015-377, Tanana River _PN

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