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POA-2015-371, Taiya Inlet

Published Sept. 16, 2015
Expiration date: 10/15/2015

The applicant, The Municipality of Skagway's, stated purpose is to redevelop the Skagway Ore Terminal through the demolition

of existing in- and over-water infrastructure, environmental dredging of contaminated sediments, and construction of new

shoreline infrastructure to facilitate ongoing and new ore loading operations, accommodate a wider variety of vessels, and

improve environmental conditions in the Skagway Harbor.

PROPOSED WORK:  PROPOSED WORK: The applicant is proposing to conduct the following work:
Demolish and remove existing in- and over-water infrastructure, located in and over waters of the United States (U.S.),

(seaward of the Mean High Water [MHW] + 15.7 feet above the 0.0 foot contour line) including: Alaska Marine Lines dock (4,000

square feet); Ore dock and Walkways (32,000 square feet); Ore loader platform (3,000 square feet); Ore conveyor (1,500 square

feet); and approximately 465 creasote treated piles. Dredge 17,300 cubic yards of contaminated sediments from 62,245 square

feet of waters below MHW. The contaminated sediment is estimated to contain 60 to 78 tons of lead, 0.05 to 0.06 tons of

Mercury, and 0.0007 to 0.074 tons of Polucuclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). The material would be removed from waters of

the U.S., placed in an upland disposal area, and processed to remove/reduce contamination. Discharge 6,000 cubic yards of

sorted sand and gravel mix with grain size ranging from coarse sands to quarry spalls, 18-inches deep, into 67,242 square

feet of waters of the U.S. below the High Tide Line (HTL), (+21.1 feet above the 0.0 foot contour line) and MHW to cap the

underlying material from exposure to the aquatic environment. Discharge 1,000 cubic yards of riprap ranging from 50 lbs to

one ton each, into 15,992 square feet of waters of the U.S. below the HTL and MHW to armor the underlying material from

disturbance of mooring vessels bowthrusters during moorage activities. Construct new infrastructure including a new sheet

piling bulkhead and the placement of 4,000 cubic yards of sandy gravel behind the bulkhead within 4,135 square feet of
Waters of the U.S. below the HTL. Construct a new ore terminal wharf, Alaska Marine Line (AML) pier, AML ramp, ore dock

platform, ore dock approach, two catwalks, fuel pier, fuel pier approach, pedestrian access platform, gangway, floating dock,

and a floating dock transfer bridge. All of these structures would be supported with 16 ea 24 –inch steel piles, 121 ea 36-
inch steel piles, 4 ea 48-inch steel piles, 7 ea 60-inch steel piles, and 6 dolphin structures. The new structures would

occupy 28,102 square feet of waters of the U.S. seaward of the MHW reducing the existing over-water footprint by 12,498.
All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan, (sheets 1-14), dated August 25, 2015.


Comments on the described work, with the reference number, should reach this office no later than the expiration date of this

Public Notice to become part of the record and be considered in the decision. Please contact Matthew Brody at (907) 790-4493,

or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-2015-371, Taiya Inlet_PN

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