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POA-2012-303, Resurrection River

Published Sept. 21, 2015
Expiration date: 10/21/2015

The applicant, The National Park Service/ Kenai Fjords National Park, attn: Rebecca Lassell or Sharon Kim's, stated purpose

is to maintain summer vehicular access to the Exit Glacier visitor use area in an area subject to annual seasonal flooding of

the road from milepost seven to eight which has resulted in temporary road closures, public safety concerns, as well as road


PROPOSED WORK:  PROPOSED WORK: The applicant is proposing to discharge 26,000 cubic yards (cy) of aggregate material and

5,000 cy of of rip rap into 2.46 acres of wetlands to raise the existing road five feet, installation of four box culverts (6

feet wide by 5 feet tall), and the placement of  rip rap on the south side of the road at a 2:1 slope.  The work would occur

over a distance of 5,400 linear feet of the current road alignment.  All work would be performed in accordance with the

enclosed plan (sheets 1-2), dated August 17, 2015.

Comments on the described work, with the reference number, should reach this office no later than the expiration date of this

Public Notice to become part of the record and be considered in the decision.  Please contact Andy Mitzel at (907) 753-2689,

by fax at (907) 753-2689, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

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