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POA-1998-979-M1 Dutch Harbor

Published Feb. 18, 2016
Expiration date: 3/21/2016

The applicant’s stated purpose is to provide additional berthing capacity within Dutch Harbor at the Light Cargo Dock (LCD). The LCD currently acts an overflow area for the nearby Unalaska Marine Center (UMC) Dock and also provides berthing space for other commercial and private users.  The applicant proposes to expand the existing LCD, including: 1) the removal of two existing dolphins and catwalks (six 36-inch diameter steel king piles would be removed with a vibratory hammer, with batter piles cut off at the surface and buried); 2) removal of the existing armor rock between the existing bulkheads; 3) installation of an open cell sheet pile bulkhead backfilled with 5,800 cubic yards (cy) of gravel fill into 0.11 acre of  navigable waters of the U.S.; 4) installation of five 36-inch diameter steel fender piles and four 24-inch support piles with an impact hammer [with ten temporary 18-inch diameter steel piles, installed with a vibratory hammer, for support during construction activities]; and, 5) construct a 0.20 acre concrete dock surface over new fill/sheet pile/fender piles.  Work would occur over, and below, the high tide line (HTL, approximate elevation +6.7’ above the 0.0 foot contour) and mean high water mark (MHWM, approximate elevation +3.3’ above the 0.0 foot contour) of Dutch Harbor.  All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheets 1-4), dated January 4, 2016.  Please contact Jen Martin at (907) 753-2730, by fax at (907) 420-0813, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-1998-979-M1, Dutch Harbor

POA-1998-979-M1, Dutch Harbor Drawings

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