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Published Oct. 4, 2016
Expiration date: 11/7/2016

Doug Trucano's, (Trucano Construction Inc) stated purpose is to construct a barge loading facility. The project site is located within Section 9, T. 41 S., R. 67 E., Copper River Meridian; USGS Quad Map Juneau B-2; Latitude 58.323427º N., Longitude 134.459691º W.; A.T.S., Lot 1A and Lot 1B; 0 Channel Drive, in Juneau, Alaska. PROPOSED WORK: The applicant requests authorization for the following work in and over Gastineau Channel, which is a navigable water of the United States: (1) Discharge 800 cubic yards of riprap and 2,000 cubic yards of sand, gravel, and shot rock fill material into 0.344 acres below the high tide line (approximate elevation +20.8 feet above the 0.0 foot contour) (HTL) to construct a barge loading facility consisting of one 90 feet long by 50 feet wide barge ramp and one 106 feet long by 135 feet wide staging area. (2) Install below the mean high water mark (approximate elevation +15.4 feet above the 0.0 foot contour) (MHW) 80 linear feet of sheet pile to construct a seawall to contain the south side of the proposed staging area. (3) Install below the MHW three 12-inch diameter steel piles to provide barge moorage. (4) Relocate below the MHW two existing steel piles. Please contact Randal Vigil at (907) 790-44901, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-2011-100-M1, Gastineau Channel_PN

POA-2011-100 M1, Gastineau Channel_PN_Drawings


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