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Published May 16, 2017
Expiration date: 5/31/2017

Mr. Timothy L. McDonald (Seward Mount Alice Resort and Tourism, LLC) stated the purpose is to maintain the previously authorized depths of the existing basin and channel to prevent flooding of adjacent and upstream properties. The maintenance dredging would provide material to maintain/repair and enlarge the existing berm.

The project site is located at Section 1, T. 1 S., R. 1 W., Seward Meridian; USGS Quad Map Seward A-7; Latitude 60.1229º N., Longitude -149.3772º W.; Kenai Peninsula Borough; in Seward, Alaska.

PROPOSED WORK: Annually dredge up to 50,000 cubic yards of sand and gravel material from an 11.68 acre area of tidelands to maintain an existing basin and channel to their original depth of -6.0 feet below the mean lower low water mark (MLLW) of 0 foot elevation. The overall dredge area would be 2000 feet long and is broken up into two sections consisting of a basin section which would be 300 feet wide by 1,500 feet long and a channel section which would be 100 feet wide by 500 feet long. Over a 10 year period, up to 230,656 cubic yards of material would be dredged from below the high tide line (HTL, +13.8 feet above the MLLW), of which 229 cubic yards of material would be dredged from above the mean high water mark (MHW, +9.6 feet above the MLLW). Up to 21,500 cubic yards of the dredged material would be discharged annually below the HTL and MHW to create and maintain a 5 foot high by 100 foot wide by 1,000 foot long berm resulting in the discharge of gravel into 2.3 acres below the HTL, of which 0.4 acres would be above the MHW. The dredged material not used for maintaining the berm would be disposed of in nearby uplands. Work would be performed with a bull dozer and/or scraper equipment. All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheet 1 dated April 4, 2017, and sheets 2-3 dated March 10, 2017).


POA-1985-421-M2, Sawmill Creek_PN