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Published April 19, 2018
Expiration date: 5/18/2018

Mr. James Byron, with Byron Construction, Post Office Box 678, Ward Cove, Alaska  99928; Phone: 907-254-1976; Email:, states that the project purpose is to expand Heron Lane so there would be road access to the lots on Loon Avenue so that homes can be built on the properties. The project site is located within Section 33, T. 74 S., R. 90 E., Copper River Meridian; USGS Quad Map Ketchikan B-6; Latitude 55.4107º N., Longitude 131.7543º W.  To reach the site off of North Tongass Highway, turn onto Rhea Road, then turn right on Heron Lane.  Follow Heron Lane to the end of the road and construction would begin where the road currently ends.  The project location would be in Ward Cove, Alaska. Work being proposed is the discharge of 4300 cubic yards (CY) of fill material into 1.2 acres of waters of the U.S., including wetlands for residential development.  The applicant would excavate overburden and construct a 26 foot wide road leading to four residential lots on Loon Ave.  The total length of the road to be constructed would be 1200 linear feet with a total surface disturbance of approximately 0.73-acre.  The overburden depth at the road centerline varies from roughly 12 inches to 60 inches.  Once the road would be excavated to bed rock, it would then be filled with one foot minus pit run shot rock.  The approximate fill height would vary from roughly 30 inches to 108 inches.  It is anticipated that there would be five culvert crossings in the road for storm water runoff, but location and number would be evaluated once construction has begun.  Along with the road, there would also be four residential lots developed.  Each lot would consist of a driveway and house pad.  Driveways would be approximately 14 feet wide by 40 feet long.  House pads would be approximately 60 feet by 80 feet in order to create enough room for the structure and vehicles.  All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheets 1-4), dated March 2018.  Please contact Ms. Emily Vullo at (907) 753-2704, toll free from within Alaska at (800) 478-2712, by fax at (907) 753-5567, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-2018-00085, Ward Cove_PN and Drawings