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POA-2015-00056-M1, Hamilton Slough

Published April 9, 2020
Expiration date: 4/24/2020

Chevie Roach, with City of Shageluk, states that the project purpose is to ensure public health, sanitation, and security; replace aging infrastructure; and accommodate community growth.  Work being proposed includes the temporary trenching and backfilling with up to 2,000 cubic yards of trenched gravel, dirt and rigid board insulation materials within 1.0 acre of Palustrine wetlands, for the placement of up to 7,125 linear feet of water main, 4,025 linear feet of sewer main, 37 water service lines, and 35 sewer service lines would be installed within separately constructed trenches.  Each trench would vary in depth and width based on the substrate (granular soil, permafrost, rock soil) and whether the line is pressurized or gravity, but is expected to be from 4-feet up to 8-feet deep, and from 10-feet up to 20-feet wide. The pipelines would be surrounded by pipe bedding material and rigid board insulation, and covered with at least 4 feet of native material previously removed from the trench. Where the pipe is located within roadway, the area would be covered with at least 4 inches of leveling course. Where the pipe is located in natural areas, the trench would be mounded above grade with 6 inches of topsoil and seeded and fertilized.  The proposed wastewater system would be a buried gravity sewer system. 18 manholes would be installed along the sewer main. The portions of the project placed within the road prism would not be under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) jurisdiction. Additionally, the following portions of the project are not under the jurisdiction of the Corps but are part of the proposed project:  • the existing Water Treatment Plant/washeteria would be remodeled  • new water treatment, mechanical, and electrical equipment would be installed
• a new 65,000-gallon water storage tank would be installed on a previously cleared and filled area. • plumbing upgrades (bathrooms, kitchen sinks, etc.) would be constructed in each home 
Construction is expected to start in late summer/fall 2020, and is expected to continue until fall of 2023.  All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheets 1-6), dated March 2020. The project site is located within Sections 25, 26, 35, &36, T. 30 N., R. 55 W., Seward Meridian; USGS Quad Map Holy Cross C-2; Latitude 62.6552º N., Longitude 159.5309º W.; in Shageluk, Alaska. Please contact Mary Romero at (907) 753-2773, toll free from within Alaska at (800) 478-2712, or by email at: if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-2015-00056-M1, Hamilton Slough_PN