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POA-1965-00034, Resurrection Bay_PN

Published Aug. 16, 2021
Expiration date: 9/16/2021

Mr. Jason Davis, with Turnagain Marine Construction, states the purpose of the project is  to replace the Alaska Railroad Corporation Passenger Dock so that it can safely accommodate larger cruise ships, provide off-season mooring of freight vessels, and maintain a terminal space to process cruise passengers.  Work being proposed, discharge 350,000 cubic yards (CY) of gravel and recycled concrete fill into 3.3 acres below the Mean High Water Mark (MHW) of Resurrection Bay, a navigable water of the U.S, for the purpose of upgrading the Alaska Railroad Corporation passenger dock.  In addition, 15,000 CY of sediment would be dredged in waters of the U.S. directly adjacent to the dock to a depth of -38-feet below the 0.0-foot benchmark.  The dredged material would be used as fill and placed back within the footprint of the solid fill dock.  The final solid fill dock would be 1200-feet long by 120-feet wide. 

The proposed project would remove:

• The existing fenders.

• Nine hundred 14-inch diameter steel piles (920 would remain and act as soil anchors for the in-place fill).

• Ten 20-inch diameter steel piles that compose two mooring dolphins.

• The entire existing concrete deck will be removed, crushed and re-used as earthen fill.

• Portions of the concrete pile caps.

• Up to 5,000 CY of riprap obstructions along 200 feet of shoreline below the High Tide Line on both sides of the existing dock (Up to 0.09 acres).

• Up to 10,000 CY of material would be dredged in the area along the existing dock (approximately 1.10 acres).

• Submerged navigational obstructions within 120 feet of both sides of the proposed dock area (part of the proposed dredging).

The proposed project would install:

• Three hundred (300) of the removed 14-inch-diameter steel piles to act as additional soil anchors within the fill footprint of the new solid fill dock.

• Two hundred twenty (220) permanent 36-inch H-beam steel soldier piles to guide concrete Panels.

• Two hundred twenty (220) permanent 12-foot wide by 24-inch-thick concrete panels.

• Two (2) permanent 42-inch diameters fender piles.

• Discharge 350,000 CY of gravel and recycled concrete fill (placed in two phases) to fill a total of approximately 3.3 acres.

• Install dock components such as bull rail, fenders, mooring cleats, pre-cast concrete dock surface, passenger walkway, handrail, and mast lights.

All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheets 1-16), dated August 3, 2021. The project is located within Section 2, T. 1 S., R. 1 W., Seward Meridian; USGS Quad Map Seward A-7; Latitude 60.1184º N., Longitude 149.4277º W.; Seward Passenger Terminal, in Seward, Alaska. Please contact Andy Gray at (907) 753-2722 or by email at: if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-1965-00034, Resurrection Bay_PN