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POA-1987-00725-M6, Kougaruk River_PN

Published Sept. 30, 2021
Expiration date: 11/1/2021

NB Tweet and Sons LLC.,  PO Box 1107 Nome Alaska 99762 phone: 907-434-1420 email:, stated purpose is to conduct placer mining operations for commercial gold recovery. The applicant proposes to complete mining and reclamation of 25 acres of wetlands authorized under POA-1987-00725-M5. See Table 1 below. The applicant also proposes two phases of new work, one using a bucket line dredge, and the other using conventional sluicing. Dredge work would include temporary and permanent discharge of 175,208 cubic yards (cy) of organics and gravel overburden to mechanically clear, stockpile, mine and reclaim 19 acres of wetlands. See Table 2 below. The sluicing work would involve temporary and permanent discharge of 225,060 cy of organics and gravel overburden to mechanically clear, stockpile, and reclaim 20.8 acres of wetlands. See Table 3 below. The total areas of work would be completion of mining in 25 acres, and new mining in 39.8 acres of wetlands. Following mining, reclamation will occur. The active mine pit is backfilled with tailings, and reshaped to have varied depth, irregular shape, and a shallow littoral zone. The berm separating the pit from the creek is removed. The ponds maintain a variable water level based on water level of the creek. Natural revegetation occurs. All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheets 1-5), dated March 31, 2021. The project site is located within Sections 1 and 12, T. 3 N., R. 30 W., Kateel River Meridian; USGS Quad Map Bendeleben C-6; Latitude 65.6947º N., Longitude -164.8230 W.; near Taylor, Alaska. Please contact Leslie Tose at (907) 753-5515, toll free from within Alaska at (800) 478-2712, by fax at (907) 753-5567, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.