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POA-2001-00086, Thayer Creek_PN

Published Jan. 5, 2022
Expiration date: 1/20/2022

Kootznoowoo, Incorporated (Jonathan J. Wunrow), 8585 Old Dairy Road, Suite 104, Juneau, AK 99801. The applicant stated the purpose is to bring reliable, lower-cost renewable energy to Angoon by constructing a financially viable and logistically feasible hydroelectric facility on Thayer Creek, which will reduce energy costs for Angoon and its consumption of and dependence on diesel fuel, and in turn, improve air quality in the community. The application requests authorization to place fill material into waters of the United States to construct the following project components:
1. A 19 foot high concrete gravity diversion structure at the head of the anadromous fish barrier falls on Thayer Creek that would create an approximately 0.7 acre impounded area.
2. A concrete intake structure and sluiceway on the northwestern abutment of the diversion structure (Diverted flow would first enter the sluiceway, then be drawn through a trashrack and into the penstock to reach the powerhouse).
3. A 72-inch diameter steel pipeline (penstock), approximately 85 feet long, to convey water from the intake structure to the powerhouse.
4. A powerhouse, approximately 30 feet long by 40 feet wide and 25 feet tall, to contain a vertical-axis Kaplan turbine and synchronous generator with a rated capacity of 800 to 850 kilowatts (kW).
5. A short tailrace channel to return flows to Thayer Creek near the base of the falls.
6. A small electrical switchyard located adjacent to the powerhouse.
7. An unpaved, gravel access route approximately 6.7 miles long, to provide reliable year-round access to the hydroelectric facility on Thayer Creek and along the overhead transmission line for construction and long-term maintenance, including bridges and culverts to maintain drainage and fish passage, as needed, and quarry site(s) adjacent to the access route to generate fill material for the road, staging areas, the switchyard, and the powerhouse site.
8. A 12.5-kilovolt overhead transmission line to transmit the power generated at Thayer Creek to Angoon, which would consist of two segments: a. An overhead transmission line, approximately 6.7 miles long, to transmit power from the switchyard to a transition staging area directly across from Angoon, and b. An approximately 1,400 foot long submarine cable in a directionally drilled micro-tunnel under Kootznahoo Inlet to an interconnection point in Angoon.
9. A marine barge landing and small boat boarding float on Kootznahoo Inlet (Stillwater Anchorage). The landing area’s drivable surface would be approximately 24 feet wide and 225 feet long. Ten 24-inch diameter steel pipe piles would be permanently installed below the Mean High Water Mark (approximate elevation +13 feet below the 0.0 foot contour) would support the boarding float.
10. A 125 by 200 foot staging and permanent storage yard upslope from the marine landing to facilitate construction and for long-term storage and maintenance, including quarry site(s) adjacent to the access route to generate fill material for staging areas and an access route connecting to the marine access point.
11. A 50 by 100 foot work area from which to conduct horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and transition the above-ground transmission line to a submarine cable in the directionally drilled micro-tunnel from Turn Point to Angoon.
All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheets 1-29), dated November 24, 2021. The project site is located within Section 35, T. 49 S., R. 67 E., Section 2, 11, 12, 13, 24, 25, T. 50 S., R. 67 E., and Section 30, T. 50 S., R. 68 E., Copper River Meridian; USGS Quad Map Sitka C-2; Latitude 57.553709º N., Longitude 134.600859º W.; near Angoon, Alaska. Please contact Randal Vigil at (907) 201-5022, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.