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catkins: small, dense spike of flowers that lack petals

caudex: woody, perennial part of an herbaceous plant

glabrous: completely or nearly hairless

inflorescence: flower or flower-like parts of a plant

lateral spike: spikes that are located off the main stem, always below the terminal spikes

pistillate: female form of the inflorescence, having pistils but no stamens

perigynia: fruit-like structure that surrounds the pistil in Carex species.

prostrate: low growing or creeping

sheath: tube-like surrounding that usually surrounds a plant part where two parts are meeting

staminate: male form of the inflorescence, having stamens but no pistils

stigma: sticky section on the end of the style that collects pollen

stipule: part of the leaf that is attached to the stem

striate: usually five lines that run longitudinal

style: part of the pistillate structure, it connects the stigmas to the ovary

terminal spike: spikes that are located at the end of the stem

umbel: flower or inflorescence arrangement that has several branches originating from a common point, usually nearly flat-topped

whorl: growing completely around the stem, leaves that grow in a circle around the stem are in a whorl