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POA-2015-23, Gastineau Channel

Published March 27, 2015
Expiration date: 4/10/2015

Marine Exchange of Alaska’s stated purpose is to construct a three story office building for the Marine Exchange of Alaska with on-site access to the vessel M/V Cleat. Marine Exchange of Alaska requests authorization for the following work in waters and navigable waters of the United States (U.S.):  1. Demolish an existing treated timber retaining wall in 9 feet2 of waters of the U.S. below the mean high water (MHW) (+15.4 feet above the 0.0 foot contour line) of Gastineau Channel. Approximately 10 cubic yards of material would be excavated below the MHW temporarily impacting 102 square feet of substrate within the Corps jurisdiction.  Additional excavation would occur above the MHW.  The material would be stockpiled on uplands and reused as backfill for the excavated area to support the new retaining wall.  2. Install a new cast in place reinforced concrete retaining wall measuring approximately 49 feet long and 6 feet wide. Twenty-five feet of the proposed wall would be located a below the high tide line (HTL) (+20.8 feet above the 0.0 foot contour line) impacting approximately 137 square feet of intertidal substrate.  3. A total of (14) 24-inch diameter steel pipe piles would be installed below the MHW using a land based, crane mounted vibratory hammer. Final proofing using an impact hammer would ensure embedment.  4. A concrete slab measuring 2850 feet2 would be installed atop the pilings and retaining wall of which 983 feet2 would be seaward of the mean high water.  Please contact Matthew Brody at (907) 790-4493, by email at, or by mail at the address listed above if further information is desired concerning this notice.

POA-2015-23, Gastineau Channel_PN

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