Erosion and Flood Damage Reduction

One of the primary missions of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is flood risk management. Every year, floods sweep through communities across the country taking lives, destroying property, shutting down businesses and harming the environment. Through effective planning, forecasting, and preparation, the Corps is working to help communities prevent floods where possible and significantly reduce the loss of lives and the economic and environmental impact when they do occur.

Additionally, the Corps is an important partner in numerous programs and projects designed to help protect the economy and the environment of our nation’s coastal areas. Coastal protection and restoration projects include construction of shore structures to protect against flooding and erosion as well as beach fills and nourishment to protect against storm surge and wave-generated erosion. Once these projects are constructed, Operations Branch supports their functional integrity through routine inspections to ensure adequate maintenance is being performed by the non-federal project partner. However, the Chena River Lakes Flood Control Project is staffed, operated, and maintained by the Corps. Additional information regarding this project can be found on the Construction Operations Division page with a direct link to that project.

Finally, the Corps collaborates on its hydropower efforts with the Department of Energy and a variety of other federal, regional and state agencies. In Alaska, hydropower projects are the sole responsibility of the state of Alaska and are not inspected by the Corps.

A current list of erosion and flood control projects is provided below. Each project is divided into two dropdown sections. The Project Overview, Maps and Photos dropdown provides general information regarding surveys, inspections and maintenance as documented in the P&I Book. Although this book is updated annually, a project may have an older version if no work was recently completed. Finally, the Supplemental Data section may contain a variety of documents ranging from technical reports to presentations. Not all projects will contain information in this dropdown.

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