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Archive: March, 2016
  • POA-2011-169-M2, Center Creek

    Expiration date: 3/31/2016

    Nome Gold Alaska Corporation's stated purpose is commercial production of gold. Nome Gold Alaska Corporation's proposes to discharge 46,000 cubic yards of topsoil, 379,000 cubic yards of overburden and 197,000 cubic yards of pay material into 46.66 acres of waters of the US., in association with placer mining activities at the Monroeville mining project. All work would be performed in accordance with the enclosed plan (sheets 1-11), dated 25 February, 2016. Please contact Leslie Tose at (907) 753-5515, toll free from within Alaska at (800) 478-2712, by fax at (907) 753-5567, or by email at leslie.w.tose@ if further information is desired concerning this notice.

  • POA-2016-20, Nenana River

    Expiration date: 3/30/2016

    PURPOSE: The applicant, Doyon Limited's, stated purpose is to dredge approximately 500 cubic yards (CY) of accumulated sediment and debris from approximately 0.5 acre of the Nenana River, a Section 10 Navigable River, and for the discharge of approximately 200 CY of rip-rap material as part of the construction to utilize barging operations for the movement of equipment and personnel across the Nenana River to access the Totchaket Road as support to construction and drilling operation activities. Comments on the described work, with the reference number, should reach this office no later than the expiration date of this Public Notice to become part of the record and be considered in the decision. Please contact Laurel A. Gale at (907) 474-2166, by fax at (907) 474-2164, or by email at if further information is desired concerning this notice.

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