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  • April

    Skiing Shrinks Employee's Impression In Snow

    Overdressed and sweating in the frosty Alaskan weather, she falls over into the snow. Her elongated feet come unglued from the grooves they were sliding back-and-forth in. Standing up on two legs becomes an unexpected challenge when learning to cross-country ski. After solving the puzzle of entangled skis and poles, she presses on.
  • March

    District Surveys Upgrade to Future

    An innovative solution using computer modeling is helping to define and manage digital and geospatial data for ports, harbors and navigation channels in Alaska.
  • Engineers Encourage Study of Hard Sciences

    While promoting careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to Alaska’s youth, employees at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Alaska District are getting inspired, too.
  • February

    Living Dream Leads to Tribal Liaison Work

    She serves as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ link to 40 percent of the nation’s federally recognized tribes. If a proposed Corps project has the potential to impact tribal rights or resources, Amanda Shearer will coordinate with one or more of the 229 tribes in Alaska.